Warped Rewind at Sea

October 28 - November 1, 2017

New Orleans to Cozumel

Warped is partnering with Sixthman to bring you the next breakthrough in vacation adventures: Warped Rewind at Sea! It’s more than a music festival. It’s more than a cruise. It’s an experience that will change your life forever, turning strangers into friends, and friends into family. We’ll travel October 28 – November 1, 2017 from New Orleans to beautiful Cozumel, Mexico! Come aboard Norwegian Pearl and experience unbelievable shows on multiple stages throughout the ship, outrageous activities, and one-of-a-kind opportunities to interact with your favorite artists including Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, The Starting Line, and many more!

Norwegian Pearl

158 days until we sail!

Impractical Jokers Cruise 2

November 1-5, 2017

New Orleans to Costa Maya, Mexico

The stars of Impractical Jokers on truTV, The Tenderloins, are ready to hit the high seas for 4 more days on the second annual Impractical Jokers Cruise. Sal, Joe, Q, & Murr are back at the helm of Norwegian Pearl sailing from New Orleans to Costa Maya, Mexico, November 1 - 5, 2017. Your vacation just got a whole lot funnier!

Norwegian Pearl

162 days until we sail!

The KISS Kruise VII

November 5-10, 2017

New Orleans to Costa Maya and Cozumel

Attention KISS Navy! Are you ready to join us on another wild, rockin' vacation of a lifetime with your leaders, KISS? The seventh mission of The KISS Kruise will be filled with tons of music, camaraderie, and KISS-themed activities! We'll be setting sail on this mission of KISStastic proportions from New Orleans, November 5 - 10, 2017, aboard Norwegian Pearl.

Norwegian Pearl

166 days until we sail!

The Outlaw Country Cruise

January 22-26, 2018

Sailing from New Orleans on Norwegian Pearl

The Outlaw Country Cruise is back for its third voyage, setting sail January 22-26, 2018 out of New Orleans on beautiful Norwegian Pearl! It's sure to be jam packed with even more wild theme nights and activities, one-of-a-kind collaborations, and countless friendships old and new. Don't miss your chance to sail with the rowdiest bunch of outlaws around!


244 days until we sail!

Walker Stalker Cruise

January 26-30, 2018

New Orleans to Cozumel

Escape the undead and party in paradise aboard the beautiful Norwegian Pearl! You’re invited to set sail on the 3rd Walker Stalker Cruise from New Orleans to Cozumel, Mexico January 26-30, 2018, a 4-day adventure at sea full of celebrity panels, Q&A’s, music, theme nights and more featuring Robert Kirkman (Creator of the series), Norman Reedus (Daryl), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), & more stars from your favorite show. All who arrive, high-five. Laissez les bons temps rouler!


248 days until we sail!

The Rock Boat XVIII

January 30 - February 4, 2018

Sailing from New Orleans on Norwegian Pearl

Ahhh ... to be eighteen: The age of excitement, zest for life, and an uncertain but adventurous outlook for the future. The Rock Boat's coming of age saga continues. We've already gone to camp and gotten our drivers license ... now it's time for college! We're happy to announce your acceptance into Rock Boat University! Your parents would be so proud. Keep an eye here for more details on how to officially enroll in The Rock Boat XVIII: sailing January 30 - February 4, 2018 from New Orleans on Norwegian Pearl.


252 days until we sail!


February 4-11, 2018

Sailing from New Orleans on Norwegian Pearl

We invite you to join the our ever growing Cayamo family on the 11th edition of Cayamo. We’ll set sail from New Orleans on Norwegian Pearl February 4-11, 2018. Come take a Journey Through Song with us!


257 days until we sail!

Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea IV

February 26 - March 2, 2018

Miami to Jamaica

The Blues are BACK for year four of your favorite festival at sea! Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea IV is setting sail February 26 - March 2, 2018 from Miami to Montego Bay, Jamaica on the beautiful Norwegian Jade! You can expect performances from Joe Bonamassa and his supergroup, Black Country Communion. We'll bring you sunshine, friendship, Blues favorites, and new emerging artists for our fourth adventure at sea. Join in on the fun!

Norwegian Jade

279 days until we sail!

Sail Across the Sun

March 7-11, 2018

Sailing from New Orleans on Norwegian Pearl

We invite you to join your musical family at sea on the 5th annual Sail Across the Sun music & wine festival hosted by Train. We’ll set sail from New Orleans on Norwegian Pearl March 7-11, 2018. Don’t miss it!


288 days until we sail!


April 6-10, 2018

Miami to Nassau, Bahamas

Paramore is BACK for its third voyage of PARAHOY: Deep Search! This 4-day adventure sets sail April 6-10, 2018 from Miami to the beautiful beaches of Nassau, Bahamas on the newly renovated Norwegian Jade. You can expect brand new friendships, lots of wild activities, thousands of high fives, and all the Paramore you can handle! With Hayley, Taylor, and Zac at the helm of this lively vacation at sea, you're sure to get a once in a lifetime experience that you'll talk about for years to come.

Norwegian Jade

318 days until we sail!

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